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The quad is designed with a free template from Free CSS Templates released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License. The photos are from PDPhoto.org. This site is still under development, but as is true for anything else on the net, anything that is accessible on the net will be accessed. If you do stumble accross this site, feel free to stay a while and browse the different tracks and trails. Welcome to the quad where metaphorically all things PR and Communications meet.

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June 20, 2007

Reason for being

Since the begining of time, people have travelled. Since they have travelled, there have been crossroads where people stop at the end of weary evenings. People gather for information, for sustanance, for news or maybe just physical safety.

Modernity brings many changes. Caravans and wagons no longer need to travel together. Camps gather together around fires more for fun and entertainment than warmth and safety.

But much still stays the same. People sill need information, sustanance, news and the company of fellow travellers on similar paths. This site endeavours to serve the PR and Communications community on that journey.



June 20, 2007


aka the quad, is based in North America and is interested in all things PR and Corporate Communications and going off on a tangent.

Terms of use

Access what you will on this site when you will. Acknowledge what you borrow.

See pics you like? Save the file locally, do NOT hotlink it. Not knowing what is hotlinking is not an excuse. In plain speak, do not directly link an image or object from this website to another website.

No, not that hotlink, which likely didn't know there is a negative connotation (see UrbanDictionary.com) attached to the term.


Once in a long while, the quad is planning on spending a perfectly good day or two sifting through aggregated non-personal web stats. If that worries you, you might want to go to this site.

If you are still reading at this point. No, the answer is the quad does not collect information. Yet. Watch this space. When and if this policy changes with the addition of interactive elements or forums you can read all about it here.

Do not email me anything you don't want posted. It is the world wide web, boys and girls. Do not post or do anything that you don't want to boomerang you in the butt.


June 20, 2007



Use the information wisely. Do not even think about spamming.